CONSERVAS presents:

CCCB – July 2009, from 20h to 1h
Crisis Area
We want our money back

Every day at 20h
An run through artistic tools for intervention in the context of the crisis. In order to understand and to use.

*Interested members of the public will be able to attend the working sessions to be held on July 4 at Conservas (carrer Sant Pau, 58) and on July 5 at Can Masdeu. Sessions will run from 11am to 6pm.

Day 1 “Trust, control and fear”

Prelude: Javier Toret, crisis: spectres and passions.

• Derivart, art, finance and technology. Financial landscapes, spread players, bubble-o-metre and all the gadgets you need to understand the Derivart.

Layout 1 • Interruptions, an office that will improve your work absenteeism. Missing work has never been so easy.
Robin Bank.
• They Rule, an interactive project that reveals the networks of power that connect the big players in US corporations

• Nathalie Jeremijenko, offers an indicator that links share prices to levels of social unease

Day 2 “A crisis foretold”

Prelude: Gerardo Pisarello, Observatori- DESC, everything you need to know.
barceloneta Situations:
• Ada Colau, bubbles with a future.
• La Barceloneta surfs.
• Dinero Gratis: “Miedo”, mediometraje. Short feature film. Wellbeing that’s scary.

Day 3 “Winning strategies”

Prelude: Nico and la casa invisible, and other incredible stories.
gamebroker2 Products:

• Valery Alzaga, you can’t go wrong with this.
• Davide Barillari, CUB, there are strikes on Second Life.
• Merijn Oudenampsen y Ghalia Elsrakbi, radical populism.

• Consume hasta morir.
• Marinaleda, other worlds.
• David Fernández, Coop 57

Day 4 “Subverting multinationals”

Prelude: Raúl Sánchez, UN, you have never tried anything like this.
antiadvertising_newburtoholmes • Interoceanic revelation via Skype with the  YesMen.
• Antiadvertising Agency, your advertising agency.
• Billboardliberation Front, BLF, a new paradigm in street marketing.

•Übermorgen, personal bank statement generator you can take to a bank to get a loan, a house, or to lease a car or whatever you want.
• Zoe, Serpika Naro, the (in)satisfaction of the sought-after artist.

• Telekommunisten, a telecommunications multinational in the form of class struggle.
• eXgae, with an “X” as in ex-boyfriend.