CONSERVAS presents:

CCCB – July 2009, from 20h to 1h
J.D Wallovits

laslistas2Las Listas

Where: CCCB
1.2. of July at 22h
Live Show

“There have never been as many artists as there are today, artists in concept, or in style”.

Looking around, it isn’t at all easy to find art. What we find is a lifestyle, an “artist” brand not unlike the identification offered by ads for a perfume. We imagine that we are living in a world in which being an artist, “free from the chains of necessity” has taken on such magnitude that EVERYBODY has become an artist. There is nobody left who can fix shoes, sell food, make toilet paper or run a supermarket. Yes, we’ve finally made it. But now we may all starve to death…

Wallovits, together with Roger Gual, directed the 2002 film “Smoking Room”, winner of the Goya award for Best New Director, the Special Audience award at the Festival de Málaga and a Special Mention for Best Script at Karlovy Vary Festival. It was also widely acclaimed by critics and audiences, becoming a legend in new independent Catalan cinema.

Surrounded by an exceptional cast made up of Francesc Garrido, Gonzalo Cunill and Pep Cortés, this is his debut as playwright and theatre director.