CONSERVAS presents:

CCCB – July 2009, from 20h to 1h
Manah Depauw & Bernard Van Eeghem

howdoyou_mayawilsens_181How do you like my landscape
(¿Cómo te gusta mi paisaje?)

Conservas: 20h
CCCB: 21:30h
Live Show

How do you like my landscape – HDYLML use sharp imagination to redefine the place of the human body within our society, which is still prey to a puritanical eye and political correctness.
Depauw and Van Eeghem remove the human body from its normal context and place it in unexpected situations. The spectacle takes place around a landscape where the apparent tranquillity only serves to camouflage terrible beasts that, given a chance would awake.
4 episodes:
– Genesis
– 2000 years later: Birth of Man
– 2000 years later: The Beast
– 4000 years later: Apocalypse

40-50 people