CONSERVAS presents:

CCCB – July 2009, from 20h to 1h

(UK) Wake up and hide (Despierta y escóndete) Where:CCCB 1-4 of July Interactive Video-Instalation The performers have been brought together for a situation that can be disturbed by its intimate audience. The performer is an atom or a molecule in this larger model organism. – – En colaboración con:

(Alemania) by Mark Formanek Standard Time and artwork Where: CCCB of July at 22h Video-Instalation 70 workers are building a “digital” time display in real time: a work that involves 1611 changes within a 24 hour period: people who, with a stoic sense of duty, are wasting time on displaying time.

(Bielorrusia) Generation Jeans Where: CCCB Every day at 21:30 Part 1: Day 1 // Part 2: Day 2 // Part 3: Day 3 // Part 4: Day 4 Live Show For one reason or an other Jeans were always forbitten in Belorusia. Belarus is Europe’s last dictatorship. Free Theatre of Belarus has no official registration […]

(Alemania) Chat Where: CCCB of July at 22:30h Interactive Performance What returns from cyberspace back to physical space? Chat is an intervention that translates this form of conversation into the physical, public sphere.

(Ar/Cat) Las Listas Where: CCCB 1.2. of July at 22h Live Show “There have never been as many artists as there are today, artists in concept, or in style”. Looking around, it isn’t at all easy to find art. What we find is a lifestyle, an “artist” brand not unlike the identification offered by ads […]

(UK) Naked Tourists Where: CCCB of July at 21 h Performance The Natural Theatre Company has been making people laugh for 40 years. Caution: well-observed British characters.

(Austria) Knife.Hand.Chop.Bot (Cuchillo.Mano.Corte.Bot) Where: CCCB 3.4 of July at 22h Interactive Instalation A Self-fulfilling cybernetic system to s(t)imulate the test of courage – a kind of game known as “five finger fillet”. The contacts are activated as soon as the first “nervous sweat” appears that turns the skin into a conductor. Subsequently the computer becomes […]