CONSERVAS presents:

CCCB – July 2009, from 20h to 1h

(UK) Watch me fall (Mírame caer) Where: CCCB 3.4. at 22h Performance I’m going over in a barrel. I’m leaving the cannon, hitting the ramp al 90mph and clearing ten double decker buses. I might fall I might break my body into several pieces, but then I’ll dust myself off and do it all over […]

(España) La mano siniestra Where: CCCB Projection El Greco’s Christian Gentleman raises his right hand to his chest, while his left hand remains unperturbed.

(Italia) explosion# Where: CCCB Projection The intimacy of a family reunion.  An act of domestic terrorism.

(Italia) Autoretrato del artista Where: CCCB Projection AS CLOSE AS YOU CAN an attempt to break the invisible barriers between people. VERTICAL EXPLORATION SOMETHING IS CHANGING (exodus in case of panic project)


djd! Where: CCCB 1.2. of July Music Since 1996. Resident DJ at Moog, Razzmatazz and all over Spain and much of Europe. Online radio With Sonia Gómez: very special advisor since 2000.

The 23 Copyleft Session Where: CCCB Day 4 + live at 24h AV Session 100% copyleft audiovisual session

Where: CCCB Day 3 + live at 24h Electronic videos, voice and video are the thread that links a personal universe built on visual metaphors, soundscapes and emotions.