CONSERVAS presents:

CCCB – July 2009, from 20h to 1h

(Bélgica) How do you like my landscape (¿Cómo te gusta mi paisaje?) Everyday: Conservas: 20h CCCB: 21:30h Live Show How do you like my landscape – HDYLML use sharp imagination to redefine the place of the human body within our society, which is still prey to a puritanical eye and political correctness. Depauw and Van […]

The age of ignorance (La edad de la ignorancia) 2002 Where: CCCB 3.4. of July at 23:45h Projection A clay animated plasticine musical comedy about how cavemen and cavewomen discover sex.

(Tai Wan) IKU (2000) Where: CCCB Part 1: Day 1, 24.10 h. //  Part 2: Day 2, 24.10 h Part 3: Day 3, 23.30 h. // Part 4: Day 4, 23.30 h Projection I.K.U. is a post Blade Runner SciFi PORN set in the year 20XX. I.K.U Coders were used in the night-world as XXX […]