CONSERVAS presents:

CCCB – July 2009, from 20h to 1h

(Bielorrusia) Generation Jeans Where: CCCB Every day at 21:30 Part 1: Day 1 // Part 2: Day 2 // Part 3: Day 3 // Part 4: Day 4 Live Show For one reason or an other Jeans were always forbitten in Belorusia. Belarus is Europe’s last dictatorship. Free Theatre of Belarus has no official registration […]

(Ar/Cat) Las Listas Where: CCCB 1.2. of July at 22h Live Show “There have never been as many artists as there are today, artists in concept, or in style”. Looking around, it isn’t at all easy to find art. What we find is a lifestyle, an “artist” brand not unlike the identification offered by ads […]

(Bélgica) How do you like my landscape (¿Cómo te gusta mi paisaje?) Everyday: Conservas: 20h CCCB: 21:30h Live Show How do you like my landscape – HDYLML use sharp imagination to redefine the place of the human body within our society, which is still prey to a puritanical eye and political correctness. Depauw and Van […]