CONSERVAS presents:

CCCB – July 2009, from 20h to 1h

(UK) Wake up and hide (Despierta y escóndete) Where:CCCB 1-4 of July Interactive Video-Instalation The performers have been brought together for a situation that can be disturbed by its intimate audience. The performer is an atom or a molecule in this larger model organism. – – En colaboración con:

(Alemania) Chat Where: CCCB of July at 22:30h Interactive Performance What returns from cyberspace back to physical space? Chat is an intervention that translates this form of conversation into the physical, public sphere.

(Austria) Knife.Hand.Chop.Bot (Cuchillo.Mano.Corte.Bot) Where: CCCB 3.4 of July at 22h Interactive Instalation A Self-fulfilling cybernetic system to s(t)imulate the test of courage – a kind of game known as “five finger fillet”. The contacts are activated as soon as the first “nervous sweat” appears that turns the skin into a conductor. Subsequently the computer becomes […]